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Do you have an online following that loves PCs or just a family member in need of a new case? Have you ever wanted to make extra income while also treating your audience or your friends and family to an unbeatable deal? 

You're in the perfect place if the answer to either of those questions is yes! Turtletronix is home to a premier selection of quality PC cases and accessories, in addition to a leading affiliate program that can put money into your pocket and keep it in your audience's pockets.

What's an affiliate program?

Turtletronix is proud to be home to a quality affiliate program, a service in which you can refer customers with discount codes. Most affiliate programs provide you with a specific "affiliate link," which lets you receive a commission for every purchase that goes through your link. Large companies generally like to provide affiliates with an account that lets you earn, although your audience oftentimes receives nothing in return.

That's not how Turtletronix does things.


How we do it differently

Turtletronix likes to do things bigger and better when possible, including with affiliates. Our company is proud to offer an affiliate code, which:

  • Saves an industry-leading 10% when used as a discount code on an order,

  • Provides you with a 10% commission of an order's total price,

  • Lets you make money while others save,

  • Gives you a way to spread your excitement for computers,

  • Helps new customers be more confident in our top-of-the-line products,

  • And more!

Where can I join?

If you're considering joining, that's great! Turtletronix would be proud to host you as an affiliate, and our team is ready to help you spread great products at an even greater price to your audience. For now, all you and other potential affiliates are required to do is to email with the template below and your answers:

What's next?

If you've completed the template and emailed our team at, then the next step is our team's review of your application. Once we've determined you'd be a great match for our affiliate program, we'll contact you soon with you affiliate code and instructions on how to use it. From then on, you're an official Turtletronix affiliate!

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